Rendered 3D point cloud of a laser scanned chemical plant

Chemical plant 3D scanning

3D laser scanning measurements for marine installations

3D scanning for windshield installation @Algeciras (E)

3D laser scanning with Leica RTC360 for EGCS and BWTS marine retrofit

3D scanning for scrubber retrofit @Antwerp1

3D laser scanning of ship's bulbous bow interior for marine retrofit applications

Bulbous bow 3D scanning; retrofit engineering

Professional point cloud registration and digitisation services

3D scanning for scrubber retrofit @Valencia1

Factory digitisation with 3D laser scanning

Factory goes to Digital

3D laser scanning for retrofit and other marine applications

Oil tanker E/R, P/R, Main deck

Oil tanker 3D scanning for marine industry applications


3D laser scanning of ship's tank top for marine retrofit applications

Bulk Carrier Engine Room

Ship scanning

Bulk Carrier BWTS 1

Heritage Facade Scanning

Beauty needs to be drawn as a beauty

Logistic center laser scanning

Logistic Center 3D laser scanning for BIM


The newly built deserves to be modeled as designed

3D terrestrial laser scanning and surveying of bridges

Railway bridge 3D scan & Model


Already have 2D? Let’s go to BIM 🙂

tunnel scanning

Overnight with Leica in a small cute tunnel

Whale is in the air

Tunnel laser scanning

The old tunnel gets a new digital look

Scan to BIM modeling

College resort goes with Scan 2 BIM


Warehouse Scan to BIM

scan 2 bim

Warehouse scant 2 BIM


MEP Scan to BIM


Store Scan to BIM 1


Cinemas theatre Scan 2 BIM

Scannen von öffentlichen Gebäuden

Public building Scan to BIM 1


Historical villa Scan 2 BIM

detail modeling

Rustical villa scan 2 BIM

Furnace room scanning

Furnace room Scan to BIM

3D-LaserScannen des Ofenraums

Mechanical room 1 Scan to BIM

3D-Scannen von Industriehallen BIM

Industrial Hall Scan to BIM 1

laser scan to bim modeling

Industrial building; Scan 2 BIM

Autocad to Revit

From DWG to BIM 1

Haus 3d laserscanning

Super gran’s House Scan to BIM

3D laser scanning with Leica RTC360 for marine retrofit

Oil tanker deck & BWT 3D scanning

Process industry pipe layout CAD 3D modelling from 3D laser scanned point clouds

Mechanical room II Scan to CAD

Curved stairs for BIM applications

REE – Curved Stairs

Filter reverse engineering with industrial 3D scanning

REE – Filter

Historical coin high detail 3D scanning

Old coin 3D scanning

Propeller blade reverse engineering with CAD 3D modelling

REE – Propeller blade

Hydro power plant reverse engineering from 3D point clouds

Hydro power plant; REE