BIMing’s focus is providing 3D scanning in any kind of industry. We scan from dinosaur skelets to complex industry plants. The thing is clear, pointcloud needs to be clear, sharp, and accurate!

We are well aware that quality input is a primary condition for pleasant work and quality output.

Our services at a glance:

• 3D laser scanning – the real thing
• Pointcloud to “BIMready” conversions
• Pointcloud to DWG conversion – Old school
• DWG / PDF to “BIMready” conversion
• REE – Reverse engineering
• AR & VR

We carry out post-processing of pointclouds we have created and also from foreign clients as outsource modeling service provider.

3D laser scanning – the real thing

3d laser scanning is a remote measurement technology of the shape and spatial orientation of objects.

Each scan, captured from a specific “scanposition”, accurately defines the 3D shape of the visible surface. We can say that it freezes it digitally.

Scanning is especially useful for obtaining geometric information of complex shaped objects and where there is a requirement for fast, safe, precise and comprehensive implementation. Areas of application are therefore architectural and building structures, industrial plants (mostly energetic plant facilities), naval industries and cultural heritage buildings. The common denominator of all applications is the acquisition of exact data on the absolute geometric state of the considered site or object.

3D-scan der vorhandenen Brücke3D-Modell der vorhandenen Brücke

Pointcloud to “BIMready” conversions

BIMing’s Pointcloud to “BIM ready” conversion services focuses on developing Revit “BIM ready” models from Laser scan pointcloud data.

We perform as built BIM modeling from our gorgeous pointclouds as well as for foreign surveyours almost from all around the globe. So, do not hesitate to ask us for help on your Scan to BIM projects. We think we know Revit and Archicad well.

Why hire outsource provider? You probably know why. And yes, we know there is a risk, take a risk with us!

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Pointcloud to DWG conversion – Old school

Funny, state of art 3D technology for 2D results. It looks like we will draw 2D Autocad plans to death. Anyway, they are still very nice to watch, check it out here.

DWG 3D solids can look even better, especially if we import them to Revit.

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Scan to Autocad pointcloudScan to Autocad DWG
DWG to RevitDWG to Revit

DWG / PDF to “BIM ready” conversion

BIMing’s DWG / PDF to “BIM ready” conversion services focuses on developing Revit “BIM ready” models from DWG, PDF or even hand-sketch drawings.

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REE – Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering (REE) in our context means almost everything where a 3D laser scanner is used. The size of the scanned object is not a question, even the level of detail and accuracy we want to provide. For the purpose of REE, we perform scans of larger vessels for example, where we use terrestrial 3D laser scanners with a longer range. To ensure better accuracy in the range of 0.5 mm, we use a handheld scanners, but that technology is conditioned by the size of measured object.

From the scanned data we produce 2D technical drawings and exact or parametric 3D models of existing objects in .STEP, .IGES, or similar export formats.