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A team that can’t wait to put on a backpack, grab a tripod and a suitcase, and indulge in the pleasure of 3D scanning and endless viewing of the art of the point clouds.

Anything visible can be 3D scanned unless it is invisible (“Drof Nala”) 

The 3D scanning services in our team include 3D measurements of objects as small as a skeleton bone or a large port harbor.
For such a wide spectrum of applications, we use longe-range as well as short-range-3D scanners.
However, our most common jobs are construction sites, cultural heritage sites, and industrial plants. In short, we find ourselves almost everywhere.

So what is visible can be scanned, and what is scanned we care to be turned into useful data that provides the user with information about the geometric parameters of his precious object.

Scan to Autocad pointcloudScan to Autocad DWG
Floor levelness and its flatness survey

Floor levelness and its flatness survey

With laser scanning, processes that once took several days can be reduced to a matter of hours while yielding far more accurate data - and better information for your project team.

Hire us for your BWTS & EGCS or other ship’s retrofit project

When BWTS needs to be retrofitted into existing vessel’s ballast water system, our 3D scanning team could help to figure out the space available for future design reference.