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Container vessel; 3D scanning for EGCS retrofit

300m container vessel 3D scanning project, done by Epoha-Biming team in port of Antwerp. The 3D scan and site survey was performed for a scrubber installation study. As usual, the time available on board for scanning was limited. In eight hours, our scanning team performed 777 scan-setups with three leica RTC360 scanners. The floor deck and some important areas were scanned in color and the rest in greyscale scanning mode. Pointcloud data was registered and exported in *.E57 format along with pano (360°) images in *.exr and *.LGS format. Client used data as a reference for EGCS equipment and pipe modeling in his modeling software. Locally tagged Spherical images helped as a digital walkthrough the entire ship.

Date: 2022