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BIMING team provides accurate 3D measurements on your vessel.  We are operative worldwide. The typical ship’s engine room can be scanned in one day, covered with more than 200 RGB scanpositions.

As a final result we deliver a registered and aligned pointcloud which helps you to work on BWTS / Scrubber or other retrofit designing.

Scanning with regular & ATEX scanners

For scanning under explosive conditions environments we are able to use ATEX 3D LASER SCANNER Z+F IMAGER 5006EX.

The IMAGER 5006EX with its pressure-resistant case is tested for usage in category 2G. It can be
used in areas where explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapours or mists are likely to occur.
Such equipment could be used in zone 1 and zone 2 environments where explosive conditions prevail.

Furthermore the scanner is tested for different ambient conditions. The IMAGER 5006EX is approved for gas group IIB. In this gas group the reference gases are ethylene, coke oven gas and other industrial gases.

If you want to hire us for 3D scanning service onboard, please fill-in the contact form below and we will respond to you shortly.

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    Scanning team based in Slovenia, Operative in all EU countries

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